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Important Pages That Every WordPress Blog Should Have

Blogging, new era professionalism over a digital platform, that allows stepping ahead with the game of fame and name. There are numerous of platforms supporting a base to write a blog and publish, and such specific platform holds informative pages and details in prior to many kinds of uniques features related with themes, plugins and other tools.

Here in this article, we will help to learn your blog and Website Pages List should have, that affect people to visit you wordpress weblink regularly. And if you are planning to start a blog, then we hope our mentioned details will make a little bit of effort to help you in same.

Now, let’s us talk about what kind of pages and content WordPress Blog/site should have. The basic is you should have a domain name, hosting account and other essential plugin tools. Now the question arises what else…?

Have you ever seen a website in detailed format, it always contains pages or so-called posts. And the content of those pages is About Us, Contact Us, News, Blogs, Product/Services, etc.

A Couple Of Important Pages WordPress Websites Should Have:

About Page:

The most common yet most crucial plage that you should create at first. Earlier this page was automatically created and installed by WordPress but not it is named as “Sample Page” or else.

This is somehow a mandatory page; every site and blogs should have that. In fact, About Us or About Page is the only page that is mostly visited by users on blog/website over the internet.

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The other pages content like, new, products, services, articles or else can attract the visitor to know who’s creation the stuff is, so can visit about page. If you introduce good content, with a highly optimized value over About Page, it will quickly trigger your Google Analytics statistics automatically with more of traffic.

Contact Page:

The is also one of the significant detailed pages; every blog should have. Contact Page page helps users you visit your other social profiles over different platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, Pinterest and more. It allows you t have more traffic, more following, and even improvement, feedback and other kinds of suggestions.

Through your Contact Page, you can mention:

  • Email Id
  • Social Following Links And Accounts
  • FAQ box, for suggestions, queries, etc.
  • Phone Number
  • Skype Id
  • Office Address (That’s so very optional and personal choice).

Disclaimer Page:

If you are planning to earn and make money via WordPress blog, then it is so very crucial to add a Disclaimer Page. It will help your blog visitors to know about how to make money from the blog. For instance, if you display banner ads or other affiliated products promotions, you can quickly and directly advertise users about the content.

Privacy Policy Page:

This specific Privacy Policy Page is quite so useful for users that actually helps them to know data your website or blog will collect and how the third party involvement will regulate that data.

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Even if your weblink is not collecting the user data, but you are using any third party plugins or tools such as Google Analytics can go with cookies option, that collects visitors data and to get over this, while notifying about Privacy Policies you need to add this point as well.

Terms Of Service Page:

Well, Terms Of Service Page is appropriate when you are using the website as an online store, offering some kind of services. This is somehow online legal documentation so, to have such terms of service document you need highly legal advice is recommended. If you are planning to do this legal documentation of your own blogs or website, you can easily find online templates, merely use them at your own risk.

However, this particular set of service rule allows you with limitations of liability in case of misuse of data collected, or services provided by your website. It also impacts users with copyright and trademark responsibilities with the use of your offered product or services.

Product/Service Page:

Selling of products via e-commerce platforms such as WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Shopify, etc., then you will automatically get shop page, where you need to just add your offered products in navigation menus.

However, if you are using an e-commerce plugin to sell products or offer services, then you need a separate product or service page to inform users specifically. Apart from this, you can also generate a parent page where you can add all list of products or services. Even can also create a child page for each of the products to inform users within a more detailed format.

Custom 404 Page:

This is an auto-generated page on WordPress, that displays like “404 error page” when there is no such appropriate content available over the website.

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This particular 404 Page is quite so important as it gives users an advance opportunity to surf the website’s other links and tabs to discover about the website’s content, products, services, etc.

8. Archives Page:

Unlike other mentioned pages, WordPress create Archive Page automatically, that holds data, category and additional tag-based information. However, these can be scattered over numerous pages of the website, that actually spreads out the valuable content and creates anarchy for users to some extent.

Advertise Page:

You know it well that ads are the source of income for blogs and in fact, some of the websites and blogs are solely depended in ads monetizing. To get such easy monetize ways for content, you can sing up for Google Adsense, that will directly trigger and sell advertisements to the advertisers.

For this, you need to build up a separate “Advertise Page” that will provide demographic the audience, ad spots, monthly page views, visitors and other details. For more rectified ad spotting you need to add your contact details in the form so that more and more advertisers can easily contact you.

And for this in a more organized manner, you need WordPress ad management plugin that will enable you to manage and display ads over the website, in fact, AdSantity is also an excellent tool for easy managing of ads, both self-hosted and third-party ads such as Google AdSense.

Write For Us Page:

If you are planning to allow other writers or bloggers to write for you or opting for multi-author WordPress blog than this specific page is quite so crucial. This enables your visitors, who are looking for writing gigs and blogging opportunities to boost their writing skills and you to get new content for your website.

Through this page, you can inform the users of the website about what your blog is all about and how they can assist you in the type of content you are looking for. This will benefit both the new blogger and your site as well to grow together yet independently.


With this in-depth article about Important Website Pages List That Every WordPress Blog Should Have, we hope, we have notified all significant aspects that will help to assist with the improved version of your website or blog to attract more of the traffic. If you still have queries, feedbacks and else suggestions, you can simply comment on us and tell in more brief. We also hope our mentioned Website Pages List will also help you to some extent to explore your website uniquely.

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