Top Reasons Why WordPress Sites Get Hacked (and How to Prevent it)

Still when the world is all encircled with advancement in technological development and sphere of digitalization is all spread, often gets hacked. Hacking is just not a new term to us if we are well aware of social platforms, websites, and applications. Hacking is just not done, with a purpose of crime or fraudulent but so many reasons are there, and individually hackers have many reasons to hack websites over the internet.

We hope our mentioned tips and logistics will help to get valid points to deal with Hacked WordPress Site successfully and why it is mostly targeted by hackers globally. Over scrolling further, we will help you to know the main reasons, that make a wordpress website hacked and how to prevent it up from getting hacked by hackers.

Why Is WordPress Targeted By Hackers?

Well, what is the actual mentality or the reason behind the hacker’s mind and strategy differentiate individually? Hackers hacking is not fixed over one type, category of websites, hosting provider platform or else. Every site that holds enough of crowd, users, informative database, often goes with hacking attempts.

To avoid such false attempts over, you can use the best wordpress security plugins and tools that gives enough features to safeguard your wordpress website. Most of the hackers target wordpress website the most because this website building platform is common and popular worldwide.

Often people ask, why other websites creating platforms such as blog site etc. are not targeted, the most common reason is the popularity of a platform among people, and that specific site hold some blogging limitations, and hackers know it well that Blogspot holds less of benefits than wordpress website as holds many independent tools and plugins.

To get over the hacking of WordPress is somehow limited as because of the hosting services and site interface as well. If you are looking for the end to end solution, to secure your wordpress website, then you need the best of the best WordPress Security plugins that are available in wordpress site interface.

Top Reasons Why Wordpress Websites Are Mostly Hacked And Targeted:

Let’s insight about the main reasons why hackers are prone to target the wordpress website, and how to prevent this fraudulent claiming and hacking.

1. Insecure Webhosting Service:

Unlike all websites, wordpress sites are also hosted over the web server. However, some of the hosting companies are not even aware or try to secure their hosting platform, which turns all scammed process of all created/generated websites hacked on their server. And this is so very common among the hacking attempts sone by hackers.

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To avoid such false scamming and hacking activity, you can choose the best WordPress hosting provider firm for the website. And if you are in need of some extra shield in same, then you can opt for managed wordpress hosting provider significantly to get dominant WordPress Security.

2. Using Weak And Easy Passwords:

You know it well, how the passwords play a vital role in securing sites, logins, and accounts. And a weak and easy passcode can help anyone to hack your logins, accounts, and other sites dashboards easily. Never get easy passwords, that can be guessed by random use of words, keywords, etc. Even simple tool hackers hold that testify random passwords to guess and get login of the page.

Above all, you can use one unique, and secure password for complete access to your website. You need passwords for:

  • WordPress Admin Login
  • Web Hosting Account Login
  • Ftb Account
  • MySQL Database Account
  • Email Account connected to WordPress Admin or other hosting accounts.

Always use difficult phrases but easy to remember so that nobody can crack them even with basic hacking plugins and tools used by hackers. You can use unique chrome extensions as in passwords such as hashalne1, 12password, etc., to keep your WordPress Admin Protection layer strong and safe from hackers.

3. Unprotected Access To WordPress Admin (Wp-Admin):

It is so very crucial to have WordPress Admin Protection, as it is a main featured area of the website. WordPress Security is mandatory and essential because hackers generally attack this main area of the site and that actually holds enough of secured and private data.

In Addition, if you are accessing a WordPress website which is unprotected so can be easily crack by hackers anywhere and anytime. To avoid such anarchy of hacking and tracking, you can simply add layers of protection that will give a shield of authentication to your site for WordPress Security.

To come with a more secure way, you need to the extra layer of the password to protect Wordpress site, to get rid of unprecedented access tries or hacking attempts in admin logins. Above all measures, you can also opt for two-factor authentication, to make WordPress Admin Protection layer more harder and strong for hackers. This double layer authentication will make it impossible to Hacked WordPress Site. This in general means that you have concluded with three layers of passcodes for significant WordPress Hacked acts.

4. Incorrect File Permission:

Well to describe about the file permission is just comes within the set of rules and regulations that are by the web server itself. These actually enable the web server to control and access over the files on your website. However, these presented files on your weblink offer hackers to access, change and edit them.

5. Not Updating Wordpress:

You know it well that updating is entirely so necessary but often people are worried about updating features, yet such timely updates of WordPress enables the website with new customized featured and other specifications.

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In fact, such updates with the new version of wordpress will let automatic fixing of bugs and many other types of vulnerability. So, if you are updating your WordPress website, then your old vulnerability bugs will automatically fetch out from the site.

6. Not Updating Plugins And Themes:

Unlike WordPress updates, themes, plugins, and other featured tools also need timely updates, that gives the site an extra layer of protection and is supportive in favor of WordPress Security. If you are using integrated themes and plugins, it can generate bugs and make website unsafe and unprotected.

Few people are aware that improved and updated themes or plugins won’t let your site hacked, and will fix also fix broken codes and bugs as well.

Daily update or the updates available with timely notice are mandatory to fix flaws and bugs of the site, and you should also delete such plugins and themes which are not or never in use to avoid such hacking attempts.

7. Not Used The FTP Used SFTP/SSH To Connect Website:

FTP accounts and logins are specifically used to upload the files to the website’s web server in addition with hosting providers support via FTB connection and many types of measured protocols. You can use FTP, SFTP or SSH for better connectivity of your website. Often you need to shift over or change FTP to SFTP or SSH for significant connect of your Wordpress site.

8. Using Admin As Wordpress Username:

By default, admin is the username for each login of the wordpress but to get significant protection, always change your WordPress login with dominant username. If you have not done yet not, hurry and do as soon as possible to avoid hacking attempts. This will help you to get WordPress Admin Protection from hackers worldwide.

9. Nulled Themes And Plugins:

As there are thousands of websites over the internet which offers the paid or premium version of plugins, theme, and tools for free. To get such features and specifications is easy to download and use in addition with your own WordPress website and its related accounts.

However, its quite unsafe and unprotected, because for free you are compromising the WordPress Security, which can cause false and fraudulent hacking attempts that can enable hackers to retrieve the informative data from the site’s database. To avoid such hacking deeds on your website, always use Premium WordPress Themes and plugins.

Despite this, you should always get the required themes and plugins from wordpress repositories. And if you are unable to afford such paid tools, plugins and themes.

10. Not Securing Wordpress Configuration Wp-config.php File:

WordPress site comes with the in-built code editor, that helps you in changing of themes, plugins, and other customization in the wp-admin area of the website. And if a hacker is doing any false activity, this can trigger directly to WordPress Security and hacking can be easily done. To avoid such fraudulent hacking attempts, you need to turn off so that there should be no more risk and WordPress Admin Protection is locked.

11. Change Wordpress Database Prefix:

As in default, Wordpress comprises of wp_ as a preach for the table of the available database in WordPress. If you are using by default database prefix, hackers can easily hack your website by easy guessing of table name, so it is always recommended to change it.

Final Thoughts:

Whosoever claim that hacking is just not possible, let us claim it use of brain with codes is more robotic so, over the internet, anything can be hacked, anytime, anywhere. When some logical attempts make a rectified sense, it can ruin any software, websites, database in nano of seconds by hackers.

There is nothing so extraordinary, in hacking because these are automated, sounds weird, but it is a fact. Here we won’t define, it how hacking is automatically done or often with little of efforts by hackers. We hope our mentioned tips, hacking reasons, and other details will help to get over How To Recover Hacked WordPress Site.

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